Retrieve Phone Number: 763-732-8216

Flight Trace for Scoring:

04.16.20. We cancelled the Region 7 soaring contest.  The SSA Contest Committee withdrew their sanctions for all contests scheduled before July 1st of this soaring season, and this means that insurance for me to run this contest would be a challenge to obtain. That said, I support the committee's decision, and if they had not so, I would have cancelled the contest based on what we now know.


The counties along Interstate 90 through southern Minnesota have become hotspots of COVID-19 infections likely for at least two reasons: 1) it's a corridor for easy, interstate travel, and 2) it's a common link for several meat processing plants in Minnesota and South Dakota that are now closed because of high rates of infection.  Albert Lea is at the intersection of two interstate freeways, I-90 and I-35.  


Knowing that all of us would be away from home for up to 10 days, Geoff and I thought that the risk for exposure was too high.  We don't want our friends to get sick or worse, including ourselves, and we are both strong supporters of practices like social distancing and stay-at-home orders issued by our state governors.  I know that there are clever uses of smart phone apps to keep everyone informed about contest information, but none of those tools mitigated everyone's risk when off the airport.  


So, let's plan to race at Albert Lea in 2021, presuming that we find our way past COVID-19.  Geoff and I will pick a good week in May, and then charge ahead with paperwork for the SSA.  Look for next year's dates at the SSA and here.  


Registration Forms:  If you haven’t done so, please send them by U.S. mail.  The SSA requires that I forward these forms to them at contest end.   Also, the forms require three signatures: yours to verify the accuracy of your registration, yours on the waiver form, and a witness signature on the waiver form

Turnpoint Map:  I will make a turnpoint map for myself using current sectionals.  If you are interested in a color copy to the same scale, let me know.  Your cost is that for copying which should be about $25.  If you make a map for yourself, you will need two sectionals: Omaha and Chicago.