Retrieve Phone Number: via email

Flight Trace for Scoring: via email

05.03.22.  2022 FAA updates to the turn point files are not forthcoming, however the turn points remain the same as last year.  Use the files on the turn point exchange web site from 2021.

If you have not done so, install the app, Signal, on your smart phone.  The CM and the CD will use this app to communicate contest news and other information.

03.21.22.  The Pilot's kit is available to download or for your review.  Note - the retrieve phone office phone number. The turn point files will be available by the end of the month having the latest FAA updates through March.  

02.02.22.  The Ramada Inn in Albert Lea is now offering a contest rate, however you have to reserve your room by the end of April.


1.27.22. I will have John L. update the waypoint files by the middle of March.  By then, you will be able to download those files from my start page or at the SSA website. 

1.27.22. Registration Forms:  If you haven’t done so, please send them by U.S. mail.  The SSA requires that I forward these forms to them at contest end.   Also, the forms require three signatures: yours to verify the accuracy of your registration, yours on the waiver form, and a witness signature on the waiver form

1.27.22. Turnpoint Map:  You will need two sectional maps if you plan to mark the turn points: Omaha and Chicago.