Retrieve Phone Number: 763-237-4843

Flight Trace for Scoring:

5.9.21.  The pilot's kit and the covid plan have been updated, and both can be loaded from the front page or the "Pilot Instrctns/Dwnlds" tab.

3.12.21.  Based on the trends of the pandemic and rates of vaccination, we expect to race at AEL in May.  Of course, this may change so watch this web page and any emails I send your way. Go to my web page, Pilot Instrctns/Dwnlds, to download Covid instructions for this contest.


3.11.21. John L. updated the waypoint files so you can download those files, beginning at my page, Pilot Instrctns/Dwnlds or via the SSA website. 

Registration Forms:  If you haven’t done so, please send them by U.S. mail.  The SSA requires that I forward these forms to them at contest end.   Also, the forms require three signatures: yours to verify the accuracy of your registration, yours on the waiver form, and a witness signature on the waiver form

Turnpoint Map:  You will need two sectional maps if you plan to mark the turn points: Omaha and Chicago.