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Retrieve Phone Number: via email

Flight Trace for Scoring: via email

4.5.24.  The turnpoint files are available at John L.’s website, via the links on this website.  We will use the app, Signal, during the contest to communicate relevant contest news.  The CD and CM will test a final list for Signal by the end of May to ensure access for all contestants. 

11.29.23. Registration Forms:  If you haven’t done so, PLEASE send them by U.S. mail.  The SSA requires that I forward your printed and signed forms to their offices at contest end.  If you forward the same forms to me by email, or send an incomplete set of forms by email, then I'm left with the task of completing your registration.  Also, your registration forms require three signatures: yours to verify the accuracy of your registration, yours on the waiver form, and a witness signature on the waiver form. 

11.29.23. Turnpoint Map:  You will need two sectional maps if you plan to mark the turn points: Omaha and Chicago.


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