Retrieve Phone Number: 763-732-8216

Flight Trace for Scoring:

03/21/2019.  Our snow is melting and temps look warm enough to continue this trend.  That said, we now have a retrieve phone number and a current Pilot's Kit ready for downloading to your favorite internet device.  The turn point files should be available around the end of March.

01/02/2019.  There - 2019 noted for the first time. All, I have two pilots interested in riding the back seat during the 20M National contest in order to gain contest experience.  Let me know if you can help and then I can forward contact information.


12/11/2018.  If you know of someone willing to rent a glider that would be competitive in the multi-seat Nats, let me know.  A party has contacted me, wondering if someone is willing to do so, and they have volunteered some of their flight experience for an initial consideration. 


12/4/2018.  This is an early note for next year's contest, so let's start the anticipation.  The Pilot's Kit will be available form this web site by this coming March and  I will ask John Leibacher to update the turnpoint file this late winter, so by March you can download files through my  website or his website.  The retrieve phone number is by phone card from a box store, so I will purchase that in time for a spring note.


04/11/2018.  Please note the above retrieve phone number for the 2018 contest.  Last week brought another foot of snow, so our annual snowfall for this last winter is about normal, and we approached our normal daily high temperature this afternoon.  But make no mistake, the jetstream has brought us a number of potential soarable days having cumulus filled skies despite the colder than normal days.  Let's hope that this pattern continues through May.

03/19/2018.  John Leibacher updated his web site with 2018 labeled files for May's contest last night from snowy Paris.  That said, these files are the same as 2017 files, so if you already have last year's files on your flight computer, you don't need to replace them with the new files.  This is because the FAA had no changes in their data base as of mid-March, thus no changes to the contest files.  


12/7/2017.  High temps here in Minnesota reached the teens up north and about 20 or so  down south.  And the winter Solstice will pass soon, bringing more sun on the ground and plans for soaring this coming year.  Yep, now is the time to prepare for this coming contest in May.

As a reminder, we practice on Sunday, the 20th and race from Monday the 21st through Saturday the 26th.

As many of you know, we cancelled the 2017 contest because of unsoarable weather. If we had scheduled the week prior too or the week after the official dates, we would have raced our gliders.  Anyway, many thanks to those who came and hung-on until the contest staff decided that we couldn't make an official contest.  

Registration Forms:  If you haven’t done so, please send them by mail.  The SSA requires that I forward these forms to them at contest end.   Also, the forms require three signatures: yours to verify the accuracy of your registration, yours on the waiver form, and a witness signature on the waiver form. 

Turnpoint Map:  I will make a turnpoint map for myself using current sectionals.  If you are interested in a color copy to the same scale, let me know.  Your cost is that for copying which should be about $25.  If you make a map for yourself, you will need two sectionals: Omaha and Chicago.